Rachel Starr

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Fan Time

Book Rachel for a 30 or 15 minute face time session where nothing is off the table or left to the imagination. She can make your requests play out live before your eyes; this vixen is always eager to please. She welcomes you to get to know her in a much more personal way, so ask as many questions as you like.

$300/15 Minutes


Are you looking to be sexier around your significant other? Be more confident in the bedroom? Curious how to open your mind to more erotic pleasures? By booking a coaching session with Rachel, you will get a hour of face time with the professional herself to ask any and all questions you can only trust a porn-star to answer.

$300/15 Minutes

Consultation Time

Book Rachel for an hour of non-nude, purely business talk on how to grow your brand, break into the industry or get your product into the adult industry; without the hiccups of constant trial and error. Let her help you pave your way to your true success in an array of opportunities within the industry she's mastered.

$300/15 Minutes