Rachel Starr

Rachel Starr began her career in the adult industry in 2007 and since has starred in almost 600 scenes. In 2022 she was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame.

A true ‘influencer’ in her own right as she boasts more than 4.6 million followers on Instagram, over 600k followers on Twitter, 350k Pornhub subscribers, 117k Reddit subscribers, and a million Google searches per month.

I started my adult career as an exotic dancer for 5+ years before I started in the porn industry. I truly am an entertainer at heart! Feature dancing is one of my absolute favorite things to do! It brings me back to my stripping roots, allows the opportunity to travel, and I get to interact with fans face-to-face! However, I feel like many people are unaware of strip club etiquette, but I’m here to fix that.

Before we get started on etiquette, let me give you a pro tip! I really appreciate and show extra attention to those that are sitting in front of the main stage! Not only do you get the best view in the club, but I’m also way more likely to engage with you in some hands-on attention to make the rest of the crowd wish they were you! You may be wondering what to expect if you’ve never seen a feature dance performance. Well, you’ll definitely want to be at the club no later than 10 pm so you can get a seat by the stage. Make sure you have plenty of cash because ATM fees at the clubs are pretty high. Invite your friends, because having a group always makes for more fun and stories you can tell for a lifetime. I will do 1 or 2 performances each night on the main stage. Each of my shows are 15+ minutes that always include my favorite costumes and songs. I’m known for getting the crowd involved in my shows so don’t be surprised or shy when your face is motor-boating my tits or my ass is smothering your face! After each show, I will take a quick break to cool down and gather my merchandise for the encounter. Not only will you be able to purchase my merch, but you’ll also have the option to get a pic with me or even a lap dance! Make sure you get in line fast because I want to connect with every single one of you!

To have me visit your city, all you have to do is call your local gentlemen’s club and tell them you want them to book Rachel Starr live for a feature dance appearance. If the club regularly books feature dancers they will know what to do from there.

Be a gentleman- Meaning you’ve paid for a private dance. Let me be clear, a lap dance is an erotic dance only. Meaning no extras or any funny business. I obey all laws at the federal, state, and county levels. Furthermore, each strip club has its own set of rules that I obey as per my contract. This is my career, and nothing illegal is worth losing the brand I’ve built over the last 15+ years.

Be respectful to me and others- Please keep your hands to the side of your legs. If I’m comfortable placing your hands on my body, then I WILL do just that. If you want a pic with me, then wait in line and have your phone flash on and ready to stand next to me and smile for a pic that you’ll have forever.

Be generous- Tipping is the number one way to get my attention. Buying my merchandise, getting a pic with me, and/or a lap dance really sets you apart from the crowd, and I genuinely appreciate it. This is true for tipping on stage as well during my performance. I’ll spoil you when you spoil me! I don’t accept credit cards, Venmo, or CashApp, but sometimes the club will provide “funny money,” which you can pay for with a credit card, and it’s as good as cash!

Be aware of limited time- I’m only at the club for a few hours, and I want to be able to make the most of it for everyone. When it’s time for the encounter, make sure you get in line ASAP because there are times I haven’t been able to get to everyone. There are many people looking forward to seeing me, please wait in line for your turn to speak to me. When your time is done, go sit back at your table rather than lingering close by. This allows the next person in line to enjoy their time speaking to me too. It’s important for me to keep the line moving fast so I can get to everyone and have time to get ready for my next on-stage show.

Be mindful- Be mindful- I always have my manager (some say my roadie) with me. All requests go through her first, as that is her job to make sure I’m comfortable and everything is running smoothly. My manager is a professional businesswoman and should never be solicited by inappropriate comments or requests. She will not entertain or condone any illegal activity for her or I. To be clear…I do not escort. So, please do not ask if Rachel Starr escorts or anything along those lines. That’s illegal, and I don’t do anything that is against federal, state, or county laws. We understand you want to have a good time, and I always aim to please… within legal means.

Know my name- I love getting special notes and gifts, but make sure that you don’t misspell my name. I mean, what does that say when you can’t spell my name, right? Here are a few of the most common spelling variations of my names I’ve gotten over the years: Rachel Star, Rachael Starr, and Rahel Starr.

Hygiene – Please be freshly showered, wear deodorant, brush your teeth, use mouthwash, etc, prior to showing up. Not only am I making a lasting impression on you, but you also are with me too, and I’m sure you want me to remember you as clean rather than “that smelly guy.”

Are you ready to have your Rachel Starr strip club experience?

So now that you’re a pro, mark your calendar for my next feature dance performance near you. I’m looking forward to making it a night you’ll be sure to remember!