Rachel Starr

There is probably not a day that goes by where I don’t get asked about doing private meet-ups, escorting, or being taken on trips/dinners. For example, people love to ask, “Hey Rachel Starr do you escort?” So I thought I would spend some time answering the most frequently asked questions relating to this topic.

Despite the “ads,” Reddit threads, and other excess of misinformation that is out there, I do not escort. So please don’t feel inclined to ask if X amount will change my mind. I’d rather you respect my choice in choosing to not escort. In short, the answer to the question, “Does Rachel Starr escort” is no.

I do not meet anyone privately. The only time I do see fans privately is at the meet and greets and lap dances that I offer when I feature dance. I don’t meet anyone privately before/after any events.
Can I book private time with Rachel Starr?

I do not meet with anyone privately. However, I do offer private video calls called “fan time” that you can schedule on this website rachelstarr.com/calendar.

I can’t provide you with any rates as I do not escort. The rates that are circulating online are not real rates, unfortunately. I’ve requested several times that these fake ads be removed. So, again, to answer your question “what are Rachel Starr’s escorting rates,” the answer is there are no rates.

Again, the only way to book a private with Rachel Starr is a private video call referred to as “fan time” on this website. You are able to choose which date/time you’d like our private call to be based on the calendar that shows my availability. For any further questions, please reach out to my team via the contact us tab on the website. This is the only way to book a private with Rachel Starr.

Yes, you can meet Rachel Starr in person. Does this mean Rachel Starr escorts? NO! However, I love meeting fans while I’m feature dancing! I do meet-and-greets while I’m there, and also offer lap dances. These are the two ways to have “private time” with Rachel Starr. However, outside of that, no.

In short, I wanted to take the time to address these questions on my official website as I’ve reached out to the websites hosting these ads and misinformation asking to have them removed. Unfortunately, I don’t have control over those platforms. So, the information that you’re seeing on my official Rachel Starr website, is the accurate information. I just want to reiterate that Rachel Starr does not escort. Please respect my decision when it comes to this.