Rachel Starr

These are some of the amazing adult movies that feature Rachel Starr, which she did for Reality Kings.  If you haven’t watched Rachel Starr’s Reality Kings scenes you truly don’t know what you are missing!

Oh, my goodness! Rachel Star is fashionably late to the party! And guess who shows up unexpectedly? Zac Wild, thinking he’s got a work meet up but surprise! He’s actually escorting his lovely wife. Rachel is thrilled to see Zac and she can’t help herself but ask for his fashion expertise. But wait, that’s not all – Rachel is feeling a bit adventurous while her hubby is away, and she’s seeking more than just fashion advice. Ooh la la! Looks like this party just got a lot more interesting!

Woohoo! Rachel Star is back in town and we are absolutely pumped! Her body is a work of art and her face is absolutely gorgeous! She had us hooting and hollering with her amazing dance moves and her appetite for a good time was obvious. Her curves were exquisite. What more can we say?

You can always trust Rachel Starr to rock any look, day or night! Whether she‘s lounging poolside in a bikini or skipping off to a fancy event dressed in her finest, Rachel always ensures Jmac stays wideeyed. Even without trying, Rachel has been known to make his heart (and, ahem, other parts) melt! From that point on, there‘s no stopping the funRachel loves nothing more than to give Jmac endless pleasure with her incredible, naughty skills!

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from Reality Kings

Can you rewrite this so it has a more playful tone?

Rachel Starr’s family-owned hardware store take pride in providing their customers with unbeatable satisfaction. So when Brick descends upon her office, rambling about and issue with a lightbulb he recently purchased, she employs a unique approach to customer service. Rachel’s idea of getting the job done is to purr a little something special.