Rachel Starr

Rachel Starr 8×10 Autographed Picture

8×10 picture → Ever heard of the saying, “Take a picture…it’ll last longer”? Well, who wouldn’t want to stare at Rachel Starr longer? Get your very own personalized 8×10 picture of Rachel to stare at as much as you’d like! She will personalize it with your name and autograph it.

Get your autographed 8×10 high-quality picture of Rachel Starr.  This is her actual signature on a real photo.


** Please note: Due to her traveling and shooting schedule, if Rachel Starr is out of town when you place your order, you’ll need to wait until she returns for her to sign your photo. Each order is individually autographed with a personal message from her to you so that can only be done when your order is placed. If she is out of town shooting her latest movie, this could slightly delay the shipment of your order.


Be sure and tell Rachel your name and any message you want her to include in the “purchase note” when making your final payment.


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