Rachel Starr Panties


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Get your hands on Rachel Starr’s panties. I’ll include two photos of myself wearing the panties I’m sending you!

Rachel Starr Panties

I’ll send you my favorite pair of most well-worn panties. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Rachel Starr’s Panties
  • Are these really Rachel Starr’s panties? Yes. These are really my panties.
  • How do I know Rachel Starr really wore them? Because I’ll include two photos of myself wearing the panties.
  • Can I pick which pair of panties? No, it’s even better! I’ll choose something special and naughty, JUST FOR YOU! Suggestions are welcome if you have something specific in mind, but it depends on what I currently have in my panty drawer.

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Dimensions 28 × 23 × 3 cm