Rachel Starr Merchandise


Rachel always aims to please…those that spoil her too, of course! Wanting attention? A custom? To show appreciation? Spoiling Rachel is the best way to do that! Remember to write a personal note to Rachel so she knows how to spoil you back.

Phone Case

When you’re watching Rachel Starr…what’s usually in your hand? Woah, get your mind out of the gutter…we’re talking about your phone here! Everyone knows one of the most searched things on your search is Rachel Starr. So, why not let everyone know your awesome taste with a Rachel Starr phone case? Now onto the difficult part…which case will you be choosing?


Don’t blend in the crowd with a boring, basic t-shirt. Instead, level-up a basic t-shirt with Rachel Starr front and center.


Don’t let this seemingly basic hoodie fool you. Not only is it a comfortable and casual hoodie, it also showcases your amazing taste with an angelic image of Rachel Starr on the front. Don’t be like every other person with a basic, boring hoodie! Level up with your very own Rachel Starr hoodie!


Get a special souvenir from a webcam show, photoset or video with a pair of well-worn panties. Rachel will send her favorite pair of most recently worn panties. Do you have a special request for type and/or color?

Autographed Picture

8x10 picture → Ever heard of the saying, “Take a picture…it’ll take longer”? Well, who wouldn’t want to stare at Rachel Starr longer? Get your very own personalized 8x10 picture of Rachel to stare at as much as you’d like! She will personalize it with your name and autograph it.

Fan Time

Book Rachel for a 15 minute face time session where nothing is off the table or left to the imagination. She can make your requests play out live before your eyes; this vixen is always eager to please. She welcomes you to get to know her in a much more personal way, so ask as many questions as you like.

$300/15 Minutes

Sliquid Starr

Still using your spit? Cheap lube that dries up mid-stroke? It’s time to level-up your lube game with Sliquid Starr! It’s a silicone lube that’s completely waterproof for all of your…”water activities!” This silicone lube is the perfect match for a sensual massage for your partner or yourself. You’ll want to get your hands on Sliquid Starr today and make for a smooth ride ASAP!

Feel Rachel

I think it’s time we got up close and personal. Don’t you? You can now experience what it’s like to be with me, with the launch of my personalized FeelRachel Starr Stroker sleeve.