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Join Rachel Starr as she talks about sex, life, and all that’s in between. This sexy 16-year veteran of the adult entertainment industry has been filmed by the best of the best in porn including Bangbros, Naughty America, and Brazzers. 

Episode 6

The Rachel Starr Show

This episode talks about adversity. How society can put judgement on peoples lifestyles and what that looks like from my point of view of it being done to me, but also what it looks like to close friends of mine being judged solely on the basis of being a close friend to a pornstar (me). Turner Cavendar is the guest on this show and has known me for many many years. We grew close especially in later years as mutual entrepreneurs in sharing our successes and downfalls. He got his start as an elite athlete in Pro motocross and it evolved into the fitness industry whereby he opened his own gym called EvoFit. We explain the complications of us being so close as friends only and being opposite sex. He gives examples of the judgement and assumptions placed on him often when others find out how close our friendship has become with coworkers, clients, his guy friends, and how his fiancé surprisingly has been one of the most accepting of me rather than judgemental.

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